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    Heart-pounding skirmish sports  in Adelaide

    indoor paintball skirmish sports birthday party at the centre

    Birthday parties

    Indoor Paintball Skirmish Sports is the most popular birthday party venue in Adelaide, suitable for ages from 10 and up. For kids 10 to 12 years, we have a lower velocity on our markers giving a lot less impact for a safer, fun game. Celebrate your 13th 16th, 18th, 21st, 25th, 30th surprise 40th, even your 50th birthday at Indoor Paintball Skirmish Sports. Be game – it is the most wicked, awesome adrenaline-pumping action that you could possibly imagine.

    We offer a variety of different game missions to choose from, including:

    • Paintball Warrior - capture the enemy's flag
    • Join a combat troop and capture the bomb
    • Assassinate bad guys and save the President
    • Eliminate zombies
    • Death Match
    • Spooky nighttime parties in summer for over 16 years and over

    We provide overalls over your clothes, padded vests, gloves and a full face mask, and goggles. Allow two and a half hours for your party. We have plenty of tables and chairs for you to use, so there’s room to bring in your own drinks, pizza, and cake. 

    indoor paintball skirmish sports buck party

    Buck’s parties

    Enjoy your last day of freedom with your mates and have a memorable blast at Indoor Paintball Skirmish Sports. Divided into two combat teams, you’re given a challenging battle campaign. After the siren starts, all hell breaks loose with loud apocalyptic helicopter sounds and rapid heavy gunfire. The low-lit urban battlefield is a haven for enemies lurking behind car wrecks and large drums. Experienced snipers pick off players one by one hidden on upper platforms and in sandbag bunkers.

    After two exhausting battles, you stop for a drink break, and the Field Marshall will brief both teams on the next mission giving you five minutes to plan winning strategies and tactics to outwit the opposing group.

    We provide a choice of bright uniforms to stand out for the hunt or bring your own unique outfit.

    Being only 20 minutes from Adelaide city, you can have a quick two to three-hour session before dashing off to other activities.

    indoor paintball skirmish sports group of people ready to play

    Clubs and groups - up to 60 people

    Reward your sports club, corporate team, church group or any other group with a fun and exciting paintball event at Indoor Paintball Skirmish Sports in Adelaide. Skirmish sports are a fantastic way to create comradeship amongst new and old team members or employees.

    To be successful, most sports and businesses require a co-operative team effort, good communication, tactics, strategy, leadership, and the ability to adapt quickly to a changing battlefield. Paintball is a competitive, action-packed game that develops team spirit and can assist people to get out of their comfort zone. We have team planning throughout the session to discuss tactics and to develop lateral thinking, and you can observe who are the true leaders of your group.

    Whether it is a birthday, buck’s night or team building exercise, we know your group will talk about their amazing, heart-pounding adrenaline experience at Indoor Paintball Skirmish Sports for months after.

    Get your troops together and storm in for a blast! Book your skirmish sports now on 08 8241 0064 or 0417 083 409

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