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    Heart-pumping indoor paintball in Adelaide

    Don't let the rain, heat or wind ruin your day – indoor paintball is the safest choice!

    Immerse yourself in a real-life game that engages your body and mind. Just like a human game of chess, battle your way across a vast cavernous expanse filled with sandbag bunkers, 44-gallon drums, and gutted car bodies at the original and most popular indoor paintball field in Adelaide. Rather than relying on speed and strength, at Indoor Paintball Skirmish Sports, you’ll need to use strategy and imagination to defeat your enemy. 

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    Game play

    Paintball Warriors are called to duty and divided into two teams. Your team works together to form a strategy to attack and capture the opposing unit’s base flag while also defending your own base flag from invasion. Your goal is also to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with a paintball expelled from a special gas-powered marker.

    Once the starting siren sounds, the battle zone comes alive with pulsating helicopter noise and furious firing from your enemies. Paintballs whizz by, exploding on drums. You must quickly make courageous and strategic moves to protect yourself before being splatted and temporarily taken out of the game.

    Although there are many formats, a typical game consists of two teams and runs for about 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the field and the number of players.


    When your time in the combat zone is up, whether through victory or defeat, we offer a comfortable non-play area with facilities, including:

    • Air-conditioned foyer
    • Snack and drink machines
    • Video game room
    • Background music
    • Female/male toilets
    • Eating area
    • Lots of tables and chairs
    • Plenty of parking spaces
    • Close to public transport
    • Conveniently located near Adelaide

    About us

    For 23 years, our local, family-run business has been providing heart-pounding action to people of all ages across Adelaide.

    In 1986, we invented Vultrek 5, Australia’s first hi-tech indoor laser game, revolutionising the market and paving the way for awesome out-of-this-world birthday parties and adult social events.

    Then, in 1992, we established Urban Battlezone for indoor paintball at Port Adelaide. Since then, we have entertained well over 200,000 people from all walks of life, including many famous people, film stars, singers, and numerous sporting celebrities.

    Special offer

    To get in on the heart-pumping adrenaline action of indoor paintball, take advantage of our special offer that includes overalls, 50 paintballs, facemask, gun, and gas.

    • Adults $25
    • Kids $25
    • Extra paintballs: $10 per 50 balls pre-paid

    6-8 people minimum to open

    Small groups and individuals join in with others

    Private session: Minimum 20 players

    Experience one of the most exciting times of your life with the same playing time without the long driving time. 

    Be a daredevil and book your indoor paintball session now on 08 8241 0064 or 0417 083 409

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